I haven’t been everywhere, yet…

Hi Everyone! Welcome to The To Go List. This travel blog has been a long time coming, and was inspired by my recent trip to Greece. In July I traveled to Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. This amazing country had been one of my most-wanted destinations for the last several years, and finally being able to make that dream come true changed my life.

When I got back to the states I had so many people asking about my trip, how I planned everything, where I stayed, etc., that it made me realize that I’ve never documented any of my travel with the exception of Facebook photo albums. I know there are moments and places I’ll never forget, but I also think they deserve to be shared. Some of my posts will be memories from trips past, and some will be posted live, while traveling.

A little bit about me: I grew up in a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana, and lived in the same house from age three until eighteen when I left for college…a whole 25 minutes away. Even though I lived on Butler University’s beautiful campus (Go Dawgs!), and not at home, I knew that I needed more of a culture shock than just being able to live on my own.

I am very lucky to have amazing parents who encouraged my travel. During my first two years of college, I spent a month in London taking a business leadership class, followed by a study abroad semester in Ireland — studying really, really hard, as one would imagine. Despite the lack of actual academia – I learned more about life, myself, and other cultures during those five months than textbooks and pop quizzes could have ever taught me. From this point on, my travel addiction was born.

Since London, I have traveled to fourteen countries, and several states. I lived in North Carolina for two years after graduating college, and plan to move out of state again, eventually. While Indiana will always be “home”, I know from my experiences so far that home is a comfortable place you can always come back to, but that there is so much more than comfort to be experienced in this short, sweet life.

This blog will be full of stories, memories, travel advice, and prospective plans. I hope to share my thoughts and findings with you all, and inspire adventure along the way. My next two weeks are filled with work, but Seattle is next up on my #ToGoList. 12 days, y’all! ‘Til next time.

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